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Tooth Colored Filling

Tooth colored filling is an effective & alternative solution to traditional metal fillings. These are aesthetically advanced tooth colored fillings perfectly matches the color with your natural teeth.

If you have cavities or a decayed tooth, experiencing toothache or sensitivity, you may need a dental filling.

Tooth colored dental fillings build the tooth up and restore its natural function. It's highly stained resistant property protect the tooth from future damage.


Direct & Indirect Dental Fillings

Direct dental fillings are small fillings and it can be done within a single appointment. Whereas, indirect dental fillings are larger or may need to replace more tooth structure and it require more than one appointment.

During the first appointment of indirect filling, our specialist will prepare the tooth, take impressions and send it to a dental laboratory. Until the time you need to wear a temporary prosthesis applied by the dentist and you can get your permanent filing done in next appointment within a week.

Direct or indirect dental filling is done by removing decayed portion of the tooth for that Dentist will administer a local anesthetic to assure your comfort. After, cleaning the surrounding area of the tooth our dentist fill the cavity with the tooth colored dental filling.

Advantages Of Tooth Colored Fillings

1. Tooth colored fillings reproduces a convincingly natural look of your teeth.

2. They are composed of an extremely biocompatible material.

3 .There are fewer chances of side effects associated with the fillings like you may experience with metal fillings.

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