About Devanshi Dental Institute & Research Centre

Devanshi Dental Institute & Research Centre has a long history of almost 15 years when the centre was established & inaugurated by Late Dr. Shrikant Jichkar. We always strive hard to provide our patients with best available treatment to ensure they can return to normal life as quickly as possible. The oral health & well being of patient’s is our overriding concern every day. The centre is led by internally renowned specialists. They work together in competence centre to ensure patients receive the highest standards of treatment. The latest equipments, state of the art technology & up to date laboratory facility are available around the clock.

As one of the largest dental care provider in Central India, we stand for state of the art dentistry. Our philosophy is to combine professional competence & technology with a real understanding of patients need so that we deliver high quality services in an efficient, painstaking & considerate environment. We are located in clean and peaceful neighborhoods in west Nagpur, an emerging metro of country.

Based on this long tradition and our numerous research activities we have gained an excellent reputation in the field of dentistry in Central India. The doctors at our institute treat patients with complex dental needs. We have a huge pool of expert knowledge to drawn.

Our Policies

Quality- Our policy is to have successful practice by providing a high quality service that consistently satisfies the needs & expectations of our patients. This standard of quality is achieved through careful management in a safe, relaxed & modern environment. Hygiene & Safety- Contamination control is an essential aspect to the safety of our patients. We provide & maintain safe & healthy working conditions, equipment& systems of work for all our employees as well as for patients. Appointments - At Devanshi Dental Institute we respect the time of our patients & make every effort to remain on schedule. Data confidentiality - Every information about our patients is treated with the highest of confidentiality & we are fully committed to data protection. Computer enabled patient record system.

Why Devanshi Dental Institute & Research Centre?

We offer personalized, patient centric approach. Child & family friendly dental clinic with ample waiting space for visitors. We use latest technologies manufactured by global brands. Complete dental services from general to advanced dental care.

Technology Advancement

We go as modern as it gets, modern dentistry tools and techniques have revolutionized the level of care that our dentists can provide. We have taken this dimension to its utmost extent as we have proudly led ground breaking of most recent and advanced technology ever deployed amongst dentistry.

  • Advanced imaging technique-opg and vistascan
  • CAD-CAM technology
  • Advanced dental chairs-1gnatus G8 and 4 gnatus super gold5 led chair
  • Digital smile design
  • Laser technique
  • Dental chairs connected with LAN