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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

At Devanshi Dental Institute, we not only provide the conventional treatment options but we have focus in many different fields. Many patients visit our clinic for their different needs and requirements which might be more complex than just a dental filling or a crown. This empowers us to comprehensively take care of our patients and accomplish their requirements. These requirements might be a dental implant, root canal treatment, gum disease or the combination of all. We call it as a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Or Reconstruction.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth reconstruction is a process where we reproduce the oral structure which has been lost because of some factors such as aging, medical conditions, abnormalities or any other condition with the help of handcrafting, excellence and technology.

The lower third portion of our face is supported by teeth, as the teeth wear down, they start losing support in bone and gum which results in the shredding of teeth and face starts looking older. Full Mouth Reconstruction is the well-organized approach in restoring all of your destroyed teeth at the same time.

Dental conditions associated with Full Mouth Reconstruction are:

1. Severely worn down teeth

2. Multiple missing teeth

3. Having deep bite

4. Smile Makeover

5. Grossly decayed Teeth

6. Broken down enamel

7. Abnormalities

8. Traumatic injury

At Dr. Ujwala Datarkar Dental clinic, our specialist implements the Facial Rule of Thirds for the full mouth reconstruction planning process. When there is a significant amount of tooth loss or damage occurs, the structure which supports the lower third part of the face is compromised, disturbed and decreases aesthetic balance.

Who can be the candidate for FMR?

Full Mouth Reconstruction is a complicated and extensive treatment which needs a lot of experience as well as intellectual preparation and careful observation to all the patient detail to achieve a healthy, aesthetic, functional and long lasting result.

Dr. Ujwala Datarkar has decades of experience in full mouth reconstruction cases and has developed a well-organized, strategic approach to reconstruction & restoration treatment.

The procedure commences with your visit, overall examination, various detailed measurements, and records with a diagnostic plan of the entire procedure. We prepare with all the aesthetic and functional outcomes before even start your actual treatment. Full mouth reconstruction is one of the most advanced treatments available in dentistry performed by the dentist with a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills. If you are planning for any high end dental treatment, it is very important for you to understand qualifications and experience associated with the treatment.

If you are looking for full mouth reconstruction, book an appointment today for the consultation at Devanshi Dental Institute. Our experienced Doctors would like to answer your queries.

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