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Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration may occur due to stains on the surface or by internal changes. Let’s understand the difference between two.

External discoloration – the outer layer of the tooth is stained due to coffee, wine, cola or other drinks, foods or smoking. This happens due to your eating & drinking habits. Improper brushing can one of the reasons for such discoloration.

Internal discoloration –there are multiple reasons of your teeth getting discolored internally where the inner structure of the tooth darkness or get yellow tint. Some of the reasons for internal discoloration are:

You had too much fluoride during early childhood.

Your mother used tetracycline antibiotics during pregnancy.

You used tetracycline antibiotics when you were 8 years old or younger.

You had trauma that affected a tooth when you were a young child

You were born with a rare condition dental disease that causes gray, amber or purple discolorations

Age related discoloration – Apart from the above reasons, teeth discoloration can also be due to age. Over time teeth naturally yellow as the enamel gets thinner with age.

So what are the solutions for teeth whitening?

In most case, one can get brighter and whiter teeth with through cleaning of teeth and proper tooth brushing habits. If that’s not enough, at Devanshi Dental Clinic we offer professional teeth cleaning services at affordable cost in Pratap Nagar, Nagpur. In some case where the discoloration is severe, Dental Veneers may be required to cover it.

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