Our Patient Stories

  • Dr was excellent in his treatment. I am satisfied by the treatment and also hospility he gave me was also commendable and I will not hesitate to refer patient to him for treatment.

    Odeyenuma Henry, 16, olawale doudu street hako, Eobidada Logus, Nigeria
  • It was a blessing being one of Dr. datarkar’s students, he is so kind, and very professional in his work and fenching and Dr ujwala was very helpful too, the whole team. Thank you all.

    Suhad Al Rahib, Jorden - Amman

Ralf Smit, Keizer Ottostr.12 Borculo-NL


I had 2 implant placed. Excellent job! Thank you Dr. Datarkar! 30% of the price in Canada and same quality.
Christopher Caster, Ottawa Canada