Devanshi foundation is a charitable trust formed in fond memory of Devanshi. With the unique aim of corporate social responsibility, the foundation appreciate the opportunity to help patients with defects & disease of cranio maxillofacial complex. The foundation also ensures the service to humanity & always provide a helping hand to poor & needy people of the society. Devanshi foundation is a registered charitable society at charity commissioner of Nagpur Govt. of Maharashtra.

Board Of Trustees

Shri J.R. Kadu


Mrs. Kamal Datarkar


Ar. Ashwini Wade


Dr. Ujwala A. Datarkar

Secretory & Treasurer


To give low cost surgical options to patients from low socio-economic strata born or suffering with craniofacial defects.

To provide training opportunity & research avenue in collaboration with internationally recognized craniofacial center all over world.


To create comprehensive centre to excellence for patients with cleft and craniofacial defects. To create opportunities for students to grow themselves

Education & Research:

Devanshi Foundation offers educational exchange programs to in-country medical professionals through partnerships with leading medical teaching institutions. Training them in advanced techniques, partnering with them in research & sharing with them the gift of treating children. These opportunities, which are coordinated and sponsored, begin with training young surgeons and motivating them for this nobel cause.

Devanshi Foundation has long depended on students to lend their youthful energy, even for a brief moment, to make a child smile. We have found that our student volunteers have channeled their youthful energy and imagination to become enthusiastic champions of our cause.

We have done more than 600 patients with cleft & craniofacial anomalies at the Child Hospital & Research institute.

We are planning to expand horizon to other craniofacial anomalies like ear, nose, hemi facial microsomia, syndromes affecting craniofacial skeleton.

About Cleft & Craniofacial Defects

A facial cleft is an opening or gap in the face or mutation of a part of the face. Facial clefts are a collective term for all sorts of clefts. All organs of the face like eyes, ears, nose & lips can be affected and all structures like bone, soft tissue, skin etc. can be affected too. Facial clefts, a craniofacial anatomy are congenital anatomies.

Generally, facial clefting results when medial, lateral and maxillary nasal processes on either left, right or both sides of the forming craniofacial complex do not fuse completely. Early embryonic changes (during the fourth and tenth weeks of gestation) may result in clefting.

In most children with craniofacial anomalies, micro is 50% patient's with other consume anatomies 300 craniofacial syndrome in value the cleft lip & palate & face as part of the syndrome.

Depending on the defect the syndrome can be single stage or multiple stages depend upon the gravity of the situation & patient’s age at the time of reporting.

Patient's Care

Screening camps are held in remote areas of Vidarbha & adjoined central India to educate people about cleft & craniofacial defects.

All the patients are brought to CICHR Nagpur for operative procedure.

All preparative investigation are done before taking patients.

Surgery is performed & patients are kept in PICU for 24 hours.

Planning for the next surgery & speech therapy is done as we review the patients.

Donate Now

Devanshi foundation funds competed completed of patients with cleft, and cranio facial anomalies

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