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Maxillofacial Injuries & Jaw Fractures

Cancer and reconstructive surgery

Oral cancer is one of the commonest malignancies amongst all cancers of human beings. The treatment of Oral malignancies, including head, neck and face tumors is the unique specialty of the center. Multidisciplinary approach is used for the management of tumors and cancer of head, neck and face to enhance the quality of life after radical surgery. All the benign tumors of the jaws are resected and reconstruction is done with advanced techniques.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders TMJ is a versatile joint of the craniofacial skeleton. This Centre also deals with surgical corrections of patient who cannot open and close their jaws because of the union between the bones of the joints. The treatment protocol includes early release of the joint followed by reconstruction by using a custom chondral graft. We have treated about 60 patients of this kind.

Cleft Lip, Palate, and Facial Cleft:

Comprehensive cleft care under one roof is provided at the Centre. The cleft team inclusive of maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist, speech therapist & Psychologist treating the cases of cleft at this Centre. Primary repair of cleft lip and palate, Alveolar bone grafting, correction of jaw and nose deformity for cosmetic correction of the face are the mandatory protocols followed at the Centre.

Correction of Jaw deformities.


Surgical corrections of irregularities of the jaws can drastically change the outlook of the patient. This is a unique specialty of dental sciences where the irregularities of the jaws can be corrected by distraction osteogenesis (lengthening of the jaws), sub apical osteotomy, sagittal split osteotomy, Lefort osteotomy and genioplasty, Also use of allogeneic grafts (Biopore) is routinely done at this Centre for correction of jaw deformities .This Centre has treated about 200 patients with developmental, congenital, or accidental deformity of the face.

Day Care Minor Oral Surgery:

At this Centre all minor surgical procedures including Wisdom tooth surgery, Apicectomy, Tooth re –implantation & Biopsy are routinely done under strict surgical protocols & day care basis where patients are kept under observation for some time after surgery so that post-operative outcome is uneventful.

Dental Laser Surgery:

At this Centre the painless treatment of oral lesions, apthous ulcers, gingival growth, high frenum attachment, Periodontal decontamination, TMJ dysfunction are treated by the use of dental laser.

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